Publication Workshop

Research Workshop on How to Get Published

It is still a “publish or perish world” in the academia. Not much has changed, if anything it is the pressure to publish that is getting higher. Have you wondered what it takes to get published in a peer-reviewed journal after you have gotten a couple of rejection letters? Well, you might not be alone!

This workshop is for you, if you are an academic or a newly minted Ph.D. who wants to engage in a conversation on how to get published. Two veteran researchers, Professor P. Sergius Koku of Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A., and Dr Ananda Wickramasinghe, Head of Students, Postgraduate Programs, Sydney Business School, Faculty of Business, University of Wollongong, Australia will conduct an hour’s workshop on the essentials to get published. The two will share ideas on how to get your research started, how to organize your thoughts/ideas, how to organize your writing, strategically targeting journals, and how to develop a research portfolio

Key areas covering by the workshop

Why Publish?


Which Journal to publish in?

Journal rankings

The Publishing process

What makes a good paper from an editor’s and reviewer’s point of view?

Analysis of rejected articles



Useful resources and links

Beyond authorship